Mathematical Model

Graphically speaking, the mathematical model of the ascending scale looks like an inverted three-dimensional pyramid. The straight step-wise tones create a resonance, which moves in a ratio of 1 to the power of 2, 2:2, 3:2, etc. When 7:2 is reached, all the notes of the scale plus their harmonics and overtones have been absorbed into the body. As each successive ascending note is played, the pyramid expands to its full form. In the process, it treats primarily the physical and, of course sympathetically, the non-physical or biofield. At this point, a mirror image is formed creating a reflecting position or an upright three-dimensional pyramid. The vibrational frequencies of the sound patterns, having saturated the body with tones, overtones and resonance, produce a mirror image enabling them to go beyond the physical and into the non-physical. The descending scale focuses upon the bio-energy field and sympathetically resonates with the physical body. 

Gregorian Chant Scales

The therapeutic sounds of Musical Massage Sound Therapy are not like ordinary music but rather straight tones (arpeggiated style) based on an ascending scale (Phrygian) and descending scale (Mixolydian) as found in the Gregorian chant literature. The pure sounds relax and soothe. “The progression of sounds is two different depictations of self: first the physical and sympathetically the etheric (light body) or non-physical body; and then focusing upon the etheric on the descending, the sympathetic resonance then transfers to the physical body. During the ascending scale, the primary focus is in the physical with the resonance in the light body or etheric body; during the descending scale, the primary focus is in the etheric body with the resonance in the physical. Thus these cycles tend to promote balance and a clarity of connection between the three expressions of self: spiritual, mental-emotional and physical."

Tetrahedron, or MerKaBah Formation

The model has been observed by intuitives who ‘see’ the bio-energy field or aura. While listening to the ascending scale, a pyramidal form begins to take shape in the form of a tetrahedron pointing upward, or male aspect of the star tetrahedron. With the descending scale, the female aspect of the overall shape begins to form. These two tetrahedrons interface with each other in the form of a Star of David, or in its three-dimensional form, the star tetrahedron mandala or basis of the MerKaBah. In group settings, the pyramids of each participant become one large MerKaBah, enveloping the entire group and increasing to a size larger than the room. Gold is a color that comes to everyone’s aura, including the inside of the MerKaBah.**  (Information provided by Elke Macartney)

"Were some (a group of people) to create an ever expanding MerKaBah, eventually the MerKaBah would expand to the point of circumferencing the entirety of the earth. That would be transforming and in violation of the precept of universal law, also known as the Law of Freewill. Were, conversely, all entities therein - in other words within the dimensions of the MerKaBah in accord and/or agreement - then there would be no violation. But we tell you this, then the time prophesied in the holy works would immediately begin. The era of peace, love, and joy and harmony would instantly manifest itself. At that point, the Master could enter. This makes the Way passable."  - Al Miner/Lama Sing

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